The 3 Day Nanny

The 3 Day Nanny Book Published by Vermilion 2012

A practical 3-day guide to overcoming key parenting challenges from sleeping and eating to potty training and behavioural problems.
Nanny extraordinaire Kathryn Mewes helps parents solve common parenting challenges quickly and easily – and in just 3 days. With step-by-step advice for different issues and ages, Kathryn will guide parents through the relevant 3-day plan to give them more confidence as a parent. The 3-Day Nanny will help parents with children aged 6 months to 6 years to:

• Sleep through the night
• Try new foods and enjoy healthy eating
• Transform negative behaviours and habits
• Potty train with ease

Kathryn’s 3-day plans work on the basis that it normally takes a child three days to settle into a new routine. On day 1 she helps you to identify the cause of the issue, choose the right positive bespoke solution and to begin to implement it. On this first day the new routine will feel new and unfamiliar to parent and child but on day 2 the new routine will start to be more familiar. By the end of day 3 the change will be accepted by the child and a fresh start will begin to unfold for all.

The 3 Day Nanny TV Series on Channel 4

In 2013 Channel 4 broadcast series one of The 3 Day Nanny, a television series based upon Kathryn’s techniques and 3-day ethos. The four-part series was produced by Liberty Bell for Channel 4 and broadcast at 8pm from Wednesday 18th September.

Praise for Kathryn Mewes:

'A real-life Nanny McPhee'
Daily Mail

'Whether it be sleep issues, thumb sucking, potty training, food faddiness or general lack of routine, Mewes will swoop in and after three days your family will be harmoniously but firmly put back on track.'
The Daily Telegraph

Kathryn is available for interview & select consultations.